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Welcome to 411 Voices Media 

411 Voices Media  provides niche creative media marketing and content services for US and Canadian businesses, events, and non-profit organizations.  

Our team has collectively spent years building online and “in real life” relationships with key people in different verticals. Collaboratively our team uses our network to amplify a brand’s messaging.  

What do our consultants offer?

  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES and ACTIVATION – Telling the story you wish to create
  • BRAND AMBASSADORS  – Telling your story via our social media audiences
  • SOCIAL MEDIA CORRESPONDENTS – Telling your story live from events
  • CREATIVE CONTENT WRITERS –  Writing your story and about your interests
  • PODCASTS | VOICEOVER | ANIMATION| WEBINARS – Developing creative content about your story
  • FOCUS GROUPS – Giving you feedback about potential branding
  • And many others ways to ensure that your brand’s story is told  creatively, uniquely and cooperatively with the support of our expert team.

Why work with us?

411 Voices experts are all entrepreneurs who have built their own brands. We know that hard work and sometimes supplemental services are needed to give a brand a boost or create a buzz.  We can provide to you, as collaborative partners,  the marketing and media support you may be seeking.  Before we make any plans, tweets or posts – we listen to your needs and work with you in designing your specially crafted marketing / social media campaign. 

Curious about our unique media marketing and creative content services? Our niche services are outlined here.

Our media marketing team would be honored to talk with you. 

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Connecting is a snap!  Just click here  for more information about to connect with Louise Sattler, owner.

And… our team is dedicated to making a difference in our world in our communities and virtually via #SocialGood endeavors.