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31 Days of Sign Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Perhaps for purposes to travel and experience culture’s in foreign lands? Or, maybe you wished to learn the visual language that is the cornerstone of the Deaf community – sign language.

Learn the history of sign language in the United States here.

I first learned sign language from a few friends when I attended the University of Delaware.  I was fascinated by the ease of how people could communicate without voicing a single word.  My first words signed … well… let’s just say that I don’t teach sign in the same order that I learned it. (Afterall, I was a college freshman!)

In the years following my initial introduction to sign language, I worked within and among the Deaf community.  I would spend quite a bit of time as a School Psychologist at educational meetings listening to parents lament about how they couldn’t communicate with their children.  So, I began a sign language company, Signing Families, and developed DVDs for  parents  with the sole goal to help them learn and teach their Deaf and Autistic children… one sign at a time.

Learn about my journey with Signing Families here via SLATE.

SLATE magazine chronicled the history of Signing Families


Over the years more products came, including a Sign Language for Emergency Situations and school communication folders. One of the most well-received outcomes of my efforts was a set of videos I created – ASL 31 DAYS CHALLENGE.   I uploaded these 31 short videos on YouTube last year and again on Facebook this past month. Below you will find the opening video.



View all 31 days of ASL vocabulary videos



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