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Fan of Pretty Little Liars will love this podcast featuring Tommy “Teeco 71” Geraci

Tommy Geraci loves Pretty Little Liars, and just about any other pop culture TV show.  Recently, he was interviewed on cAbernetAndA.  This group describes themselves as a fun loving group who combine watching together Pretty Little Liars along with a bottle (or more) of their best wine! (Hence, the Cabarnet).


Actually, gatherings that combined “fine” beverages and television viewing date way back… or at least a decade ago when Sex and the City took over TV sets (and more)! Substitute Cosmos for wine and you have the makings of what was an HBO main-stay among women (and many men!)

Enjoy listening to Tommy Geraci discuss Pretty Little Liars and whole bunch more on this podcast brought to you by podbean.


Listen the podcast with Tommy Geraci here http://cabernetandA.podbean.com


Watch Pretty Little Liars via FREEFORM TV

Tommy Geraci at REGAL CON – covering ONCE UPON A TIME

Connect with Tommy Geraci and read more about his life in social media and celebrity via  Teeco71.com.  He is no stranger to Red Carpets, too!



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