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Helping school students through #SocialGood… Meet Jaylen Arnold and Retro Bill

There are many people who talk about volunteering their time to help school students. And, then there are those who actually carry-through and donate their talents and energy to help others.  We would like to shine a spotlight on some very special individuals and their school- based programs.

Jaylen Arnold
Jaylen Arnold Photo Credit: Facebook: Jaylen’s Challenge

Meet Jaylen Arnold of Jaylen’s Challenge. This young man has a multitude of challenges, including being diagnosed as a toddler with Tourette’s, a neurological disorder.  Jaylen is a unique young man in that he has been talking to school audiences with the hopes that his anti-bullying campaign will reach not only student’s but teachers.  Jaylen started Jaylen’s Challenge as a very young elementary aged student (with a little help from his Mom, Robin).

The website is one of the best educational resources out there for anyone who wishes to learn, teach and offer school based anti-bullying interventions.   Click here for information about anti- bullying programs via 

Bullying…the facts



Now a teen and in high school, Jaylen has amassed the admiration of many far and wide.  He has been featured on many major media outlets, including being highlighted on the Halo Effect on the Nickelodeon channel.  (View here the full episode)  Not to mention that he is an award winner (recently received the highly esteemed World of Children Award) and even received accolades and donations for his cause from Ellen DeGeneres.

Schools and organizations looking to book Jaylen for speaking can connect here. 

When you first meet Retro Bill you think you have bounced back in time! But, this man with his signature pomRetro Billpadour focuses his efforts on matters of safety, wellness, character and anti-bullying.  His award winning programs help students learn acceptance, resisting peer pressure and safe living have received accolades from many across North America!

Retro Bill makes appearances at school and in media.   You can connect with Bill Russo, aka “Retro Bill” via his website.

Here is an example from his Youtube channel on how he works continuously to keep kids from dangerous situations!


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