Reacting vs. Responding

by Debbie D’Aquino, guest blogger

“It sounds trivial but I didn’t get my coffee order as I had requested and found myself getting irritated; I was already short on time . . . Then the traffic was extremely slow, I didn’t want to be late, so I became frustrated! . . . When I arrived at the office there were kids running around the reception room and my temper started escalating . . . next thing I know I’m arguing with the dental assistant about something I can’t even remember. How was your day?”

These were the tales of a client. It’s probably fair to say he was having a bad morning.
Sometimes it’s the smallest things that upset us when life isn’t matching our expectations.

I write a short chapter in my book, Calm is the New Happy, How to get there in 5 minutes! about REACTING verses RESPONDING.

We may not realize it, but most of us feel entitled that only “good” things happen to us.

Then when our real lives don’t match up with the ideal picture we hold in mind, we become depressed, angry, frustrated, or anxious. We are quick to react negatively and bring everyone around us into our negative attitude.

When more serious events affect us like a difficult diagnosis, an unexpected layoff, a heartbreak or something disturbing like a random act of violence, terror, or a frightening accident – it is most important to possess a calming response.

It is important to be available for response, not reaction in order to help those around you to remain calm and clear-headed.

So many of us live in a state of low-grade fear, sadness or depression that a negative reaction helps validate why our attitudes are so dismal.

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Would you be interested in a lasting state of peace, power, purpose, and presence?

You’re ability to live in peace in the midst of suffering is only a few practices away. It can be life-changing. It can be life-saving!


Develop an Inner Peace that supports your Response and helps eliminate your anxiety-filled Reaction!

I can teach you how to make that happen.

I am here to help you. No matter what your situation, I will help bring your dreams to life.  Together we will bring about results greater than you can imagine.


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About the author:  Debbie D’Aquino is an author, speaker, teacher, host of Calm is the New Happy Online Telesummit where Debbie interviews 21 experts from around the world in the field of personal development and spiritual growth.  She is also the Founder of Green Tea Meditation Transformation. You can  connect with her about more information regarding her breakthrough sessions /coaching  and also online.





disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Debbie D’Aquino are hers and may or may not reflect the views of 411 voices.

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