Introducing the 411 Voices Media Influencer Network

For several years our 411 Voices Media consultants have been involved with social media campaigns that involved influencer marketing.   We are pleased to note that we have launched an extension to our services by adding an affiliate influencer network.


Why is influencer marketing needed?

  1. Industry experts  have determined that brands are using influencer marketing as a significant part of their strategy to garner customers and increase sales.
  2. Micro-influencers have proven to be an effective way to enhance audience engagement and sales. Read more here via KLEAR.
  3. The phone book is dead as are traditional yellow pages. So, we need “voices” that are present on social media to help “spread the word”.


What are we looking for with people who with to become an affiliate?

We know that people who are involved in social media often wear more than “one hat” and that sometimes a person may need an occasional supplemental paycheck.  That makes being an affiliate ideal for some.

Sometimes we find people who are amazing but are afraid to let us know they are interested because they don’t feel they have enough “number of followers”.

We don’t care about your social media “Numbers”.  

In fact, the person with hundred of thousands of followers may not have as much engagement as a person with eight thousand followers. We are looking for enthusiasm, engagement and integrity with social media practices.

We also know that some genres have dedicated followings (such as travel) where education is a “tougher sell” in the world of social media.  Numbers are often meaningless.  Quality vs. Quantity.

More importantly…We really want to work with people who believe in giving back to their community or supporting a cause.

Creativity, a willingness to work as part of a team and following timelines is important when one is a contracted influencer.  And, we know there are people who we have met and many more we haven’t who would make perfect affiliates to our team.

Lastly, 411 Voices Media is a “drama – free zone”.

We know you must have questions or perhaps know us well enough to just say, “Yes!”   Simply complete this application form to learn more. 

Thank you!


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