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Spotlight on two of our newest additions to our 411 Voices Media Influencer Network

We are very pleased to announce that 411 Voices Media has added to our influencer / brand ambassador associates roster the following amazingly talented people who are known for their Instagram presence, Sany Nyguen and Katie McSweeney. If you are interested in applying for consideration please go here. INFLUENCER APPLICATION



Sany Nyguen:  Chicago Food, Fitness, Travel,  and Lifestyle Blogger

Some fun and interesting facts about Sany! (In her own words)

I am a California native who moved to Chicago in 2013 to attend law school. Currently I am a licensed attorney by trade and social media content creator/influencer. On my free time I absolutely love playing sports and shooting photography. I began my instagram page in late 2015 as a mode to introduce Chicago from the prospective of a transplant. It mainly consisted of food, but eventually has grown to become much more. In late 2016 I began a blog that is an extension of my instagram. The blog serves as a website also as I detail product reviews, recaps of my traveling, interviews, and other things worth mentioning. From there, I expanded my services to now include video production. This ranges from food consumption videos, introducing businesses, products, and interviews. I truly believe what makes me stand out from many other influencers is my ability to be multi-faceted and adaptable. I am not afraid to try new things. I am open to expressing my thoughts. I am always finding new ways to elevate and introduce things. I have many outlets and ways to introduce something. Lastly, I appreciate and always find joy in everything I do. I am self-aware of the value and influence I may have and therefore work hard to share things in the most organic way possible. Lastly, my some of my biggest hobbies include working out, fashion, traveling, and volunteering. I volunteer my legal services to many non-profits and hope to open one of my own one day!


Sany replied the following when asked to “brag about herself”: I am the first and only in Chicago to produce and host my own series under hashtag #WatchSanyEat. In this particular series, I venture around Chicago introducing unique and fun businesses (mostly food centric) to the audience. I am tri-lingual. I am fluent in English and conversational in Vietnamese and Spanish. I have been contracted to be a spokesperson for businesses. In college I starred in a show with over 5,000 attendees.

Katie McSweeney

katiemcsweens_1347210121_280.jpg   https://www.linkedin.com/in/kathryn-mcsweeney-475baa79/@McSweens
Katie  (In her own words), answered the following questions:

Tell us your story! What makes you unique? (In her own words) : I’m a huge advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. I work full-time and believe that a healthy lifestyle does not have to be difficult. I bring convenience and easy tips to integrate into your everyday schedule and make it fun. I’m known as a free-spirit but also a go-getter. My high energy and positive attitude comes from practicing gratitude in daily life and focusing on the root of health. I believe that if we take time to nourish ourselves, take time in nature, and take time to count our blessings is the best way for us to all live a happy life. I’m always on the go and thrive off of exciting experiences, whether that is visiting a new city or taking a road trip to Point Reyes. I also love a cozy day in and some homemade tempeh.

Brag about yourself! Honors, awards, languages you know, etc.: I am a certified Yoga instructor and have been teaching since I was 20. I have been a vegetarian since age 9. I’m starting to learn Danish and believe that we should never stop learning and challenging ourselves to grow.

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