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2018 is the year of “CHAI”


“2018” may be one of the most talked about “numbers” in recent history.  For those who like to learn the meaning behind numbers (numerology), 2018 has exceptional significance, as it is the year of  CHAI – or Hebrew for “Life”.

Does a year of “LIFE” mean that it will be special? More challenges? More opportunity?  A year of abundance?

 Will the year of CHAI be different than most  … or not?

Let the research begin… 

Kristin Neff from Salon, an online magazine, suggested that 2018 should be a year for “Self-Compassion.”

 I define self-compassion as having three main components: self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness.

Her rationale is that we are expected to succeed – even as children. Imagine if we chose to love ourselves in order to live life to its’ fullest vs. living life in a frenzy.

I discovered several resources which cited fiscal responsibility as a goal for many to undertake in 2018.  While that messaging doesn’t seem to be as kind and gentle as “self-compassion”, it would seem if you are not worried about finances then you are giving yourself the gift of “peace of mind.”.

MoneyControl.com recommended for millennials, in particular, a  list of five resolutions. They  included  for millennials to resolve to only use “digital transactions” and “switch jobs carefully” as two new year “must dos”.

Maybe 2018, the year of CHAI, is meant to be filled with sarcasm and humor? This past weekend #MillenialNewYearsResolutions was a trending topic on Twitter. This resulted in retaliatory responses to “boomers”.  Check out the banter here via Buzzfeed.

I asked some of my 411 Voices Media colleagues about their expectations for 2018.  Here is how they responded:

 Beth Engelman, co-founder of 411 Voices Media and Mommy On a Shoestring, cited that 2018 will be the year of “Victory”.  “I’m making a list of all things I want to do and then going for it!”

Dara Blaker,   a musical composer, teacher and voice-over artist, is hopeful that 2018 is the year of personal and professional reinvention.

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Tommy Geraci, (Teeco71.com) responded to my survey with these thoughts:

“I don’t really believe in making New Year’s resolutions but I do make a vision board on or around New Year’s Eve. I think each year is a chance to reset, reflect, and redirect ourselves. For me, 2018 will be about improving myself, taking steps to get me closer to my goals, to meet new people who share my interests, and to help as many people as possible. 2018 will hopefully be a year of traveling to visit friends and having friends visit my own city so we can explore and enjoy together. Collectively, I see 2018 as a year we can move forward with what we learned in 2017 from the bravery of those who spoke out. We can change things for the better now that we all know what has been going on. No more excuses, no more looking the other way. We can do so much if we are united. 2018 can be as positive and as life changing as we want it to be. We just have to give ourselves permission to dream big and act bigger!”

I received a response from digital strategist, Stacey Soleil .   I know that this colleague is a dynamo who can make magic happen.

“In 2018 I am hopeful for continued opportunities to connect consumers with dynamic brands, all the while taking a vested interest in cultivating genuine online engagement as to not only authentically connect, but to keep an ear to the ground regarding the current trends, behaviors & mindsets in an ever-changing digital landscape.”

Lastly, what does 2018 mean to me? I am hopeful that the year of CHAI will be one where people value relationships and offer to give more than they receive. I would like to think that common sense will prevail and we truly will address matters of mental health and education.

Cheers to all and may be the year of “18” be full of nothing but the very best.



Author:  Louise Sattler, Co-founder of 411 Voices Media. Tweet with Louise at @LouiseASL

Website: LouiseSattler.com


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