Building your brand

What media marketing and content generation services do our consultants offer? SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES and ACTIVATION – We develop a social media strategy and can help to activate it. As social media architects we are able to tell your story to a large audience. BRAND AMBASSADORS / INFLUENCERS  – We can share and circulate your [...]

Helping school students through #SocialGood… Meet Jaylen Arnold and Retro Bill

There are many people who talk about volunteering their time to help school students. And, then there are those who actually carry-through and donate their talents and energy to help others.  We would like to shine a spotlight on some very special individuals and their school- based programs. Meet Jaylen Arnold of Jaylen's Challenge. This [...]

Fan of Pretty Little Liars will love this podcast featuring Tommy “Teeco 71” Geraci

Tommy Geraci loves Pretty Little Liars, and just about any other pop culture TV show.  Recently, he was interviewed on cAbernetAndA.  This group describes themselves as a fun loving group who combine watching together Pretty Little Liars along with a bottle (or more) of their best wine! (Hence, the Cabarnet). ODD? Actually, gatherings that combined "fine" [...]