Reacting vs. Responding

by Debbie D’Aquino, guest blogger “It sounds trivial but I didn’t get my coffee order as I had requested and found myself getting irritated; I was already short on time . . . Then the traffic was extremely slow, I didn’t want to be late, so I became frustrated! . . . When I arrived…

31 Days of Sign Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Perhaps for purposes to travel and experience culture’s in foreign lands? Or, maybe you wished to learn the visual language that is the cornerstone of the Deaf community – sign language.

The Difference Between Writing a Blog and Writing for Academia

First and foremost, write about something that interests you. A blog shouldn’t be “homework”, but written from the heart. There should be some intrinsic value for you to take to your computer and type. If you are bored by the topic so will your readers.

Changes for “411 Voices”, plus a history lesson

by Louise Sattler Six plus years ago Beth Engelman, Dara Blaker, Margaret McSweeney and myself had a vision – to “restart” a women’s networking group that would focus on continuing our love of creating podcast / radio content and to start a speaker bureau.  We later enlisted a few of the people we had engaged…