Digital Marketing / Content Creation

Here are our most requested services:


Let us develop a marketing plan for you and help you implement it. We are media savvy with a proven track record of helping companies small and large with their online social media presence. Let us tweet, post, pin, snap, and generate attention for your brand. The services we offer in this realm are as follows:

  • Consultative services to help guide your digital media planning.  We can be your focus group!
  • Create  a digital marketing plan for your brand on one or several social media platforms.
  • Social media management of one or more social media platforms. Let us do the posting, tweeting and uploading for you!
  • Tutor you how to manage your own social media presence.  See our new workshops!
  • Promote your book, film or screenplay with our strategists and influencers creating an impactful program for your project! Need to know if your book is on the right track? We will confidentially give you feedback. 


Let us be the one’s who help write your blog, create a video for you to use as part of your marketing strategy, or perhaps add a  musical composition or animation. Our creative content services include:

  • Sponsored blog posts for client website or member website.
  • Content writing for website
  • Organic video for use on website or social media platforms, such as YouTube
  • Music composition
  • Illustration
  • Animation (basic)
  • Podcasts
  • VoiceOver

NEW!  We will help you find just the right influencers to have an “unboxing”.  Let your product be spotlighted by micro-influencers from around North America!


FEES:  Our FEES vary by scope of work.  Please use the CONTACT form for more information.

The fine print:  411 Voices Media services are provided to the best of the abilities of Louise Sattler and any independent contractors hired.  Each contractor is responsible for their own work and adherence to rules for social media campaigns.  While enhancing brand awareness and customers is most often the goal, please note that none of those involved in campaigns can guarantee return on investment (ROI). This is based on the fluidity of social media and also that world events can impact any campaign and are out of the control of 411 Voices Media.