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NEW:  We are seeking book reviewers.  Please simply send us an email at  if you are interested. 

And if you are influencer … keep reading…

We now have an affiliate branch to 411 Voices Media – Our new influencer network! We are especially interested in working with unique and/or niche micro-influencers.

411 Voices Media has expanded to include an affiliate influencer network to help us meet brand requests for social media campaigns and ambassadorships.

Why do brands use sponsored influencers?

Companies and non-profits are now using micro influencers to help spread the word about their products or services.

Are you someone who likes to work social media campaigns by creating interesting content for brands and non-profits? Would you be interested with being considered for our Influencer Network? Yes?

Please complete this application and someone will connect with you soon!*



  • Please note that a Non – Disclosure agreement may be required by our team members prior to working with brands contracted to 411 Voices Media.
  • We reserve the right to decline a person from joining as we are only selecting people who meet our criteria and align with our mission of helping others in this world.  We will not accept anyone who endorses non-family friendly products or activities.  We are seeking people who play well “in the sandbox”.
  • We review all social media profiles.  We love to see people who tell stories without always being in the photo… that means you are storytellers not spotlight seekers! 🙂