Reprint from Family Travel by Colleen Kelly: Expanding the Palate of a Picky Eater

Original print of :SEVEN DISHES TO EXPAND THE PALATE OF YOUR PICKY EATER By Colleen Kelly Posted July 10, 2017 In food, Travel Topics   2 Appeasing the picky eater is a challenge almost every parent has had to face at some point or another. Whether it’s a battle of the broccoli, or another culinary [...]

Fan of Pretty Little Liars will love this podcast featuring Tommy “Teeco 71” Geraci

Tommy Geraci loves Pretty Little Liars, and just about any other pop culture TV show.  Recently, he was interviewed on cAbernetAndA.  This group describes themselves as a fun loving group who combine watching together Pretty Little Liars along with a bottle (or more) of their best wine! (Hence, the Cabarnet). ODD? Actually, gatherings that combined "fine" [...]